Wednesday, January 14, 2015

No more lines! ~ Bathroom complete

 Renovating two bathrooms this past year meant I had to have another full bathroom, right? The funny thing is that was a question I received constantly. I jokingly would say "the boys had a lot of bushes in the yard", but I did have another full bath in my guest room. ....
We just always had a line!

This middle bathroom was the "secret renovation" that my husband, over seas, did not know about. So, I had to be frugal, hide costs, and do most of the work. But I was not going to sacrifice any quality or beauty.

Took out the old doors!

Broke up all the tiles.... one by one.....

It was a long summer.  Not only was I renovating two bathrooms, but I also had client's jobs
and 2 kids to take care of.

Took everything to the hazardous waste dump.
This is a place you have to shovel everything off by yourself.
Toilets, tiles, vanities, and more tiles got shoveled off
the back of my truck.

Once the backer board was down, I layed the tile in a diamond pattern 
on the floor.

Then began the slow process of tiling the shower.

Laying tile kept me busy while my husband was gone.

I use a dark grout when I tile. It dries lighter than this.
But grout is very porous, and can show dirt easily.
 So seal it every year or two. 

I kept the cast iron tub, but scraped off the swans.
As Adam Sandler says in 'Billy Madison'
"Stop looking at me swan!"

I had my carpenter put wood moulding in stead of doing tile on the wall again.

I  painted the moulding a crisp white.

Once I had this completed, I knew I wanted something different to adorn all the work
I put into it. I didn't want just any cabinet.

So I scoured Craigslist day and night looking for an antique sideboard. Many times I was too late(by minutes) But finally, one night around 10:30 pm I found it! And they wrote me back and said it was mine. Even when I picked it up they had told me people offered them double. But they honored the deal. 

Now who in their right mind would put a saw to this piece of furniture?

THIS GIRL!! Thats who!
 I have a great friend that would do anything she could for someone. 
LOVE LOVE LOVE this girl!!
And while neither one of us has done this, she knows her way around a saw.

The sink came with a template. We centered it and then drew a chalk line. My friend drilled holes along that line as a guide and jigged out the top. Once the sink was in I ran plumber's silicone along the edge to seal it from water.

Next the back had to be cut in order to make room for the plumbing.
The drawers were cut off and fixed into place with the exception of the bottom drawer that was not in the way of the plumbing.

The After Pics!

The stool is for little legs. It was a light maple. I just painted it matte black and gave the feet a gold dipped look with gold craft paint.

My husband was truly surprised and we all love how it turned out. 
Let me know what you think.

Click on the picture below to see the renovation details of the Master Bathroom 
done at the same time.


  1. Absolutely gorgeous! This is a stunning transformation!

    1. Amis ~ Thank you so much! I appreciate your comment ;-)

  2. Your work is amazing!