Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Birthday Scavenger Hunt

Here are my three guys that I love so much. To quote my youngest son yesterday, "Mom, I love how God made our family."  My husband is a Captain in the Airforce. And will be deployed for the rest of this year. And while I can't tell you more about that, I can tell you that this man is full of love for his country. He didn't want me to get him anything for his birthday since he couldn't take anything with him. But he deserves the world!

So, I decided to create a day just for him. This is the scavenger hunt we sent him on...
The first clue was to get him to the zoo. I had him pack all sorts of things to throw him. (It worked!)

At the zoo, we met his sister and our nephew. I asked each person to give him a token (small gift) that reminded them of him. She gave a boomerang since he is always playing outside with our kids.

We stayed at the zoo for awhile and at lunch, his sister gives him the next clue.

This clue led us to a place called Sky High. It is a jumpy place that even adults can be apart of. The whole place is one big trampoline! The floors, walls ~so much fun. My camera wasn't working well, and I had to do some jumping too.  ;-)

At Sky High, a co-worker and friend met us, jumped with us,  and gave my husband a fishing lure for a token since they went fishing a lot together when stationed in Texas. Then he presented him with  the next clue. 

This clue led us to Lowes Home Improvement store. There we met our Aunt who would be taking our kids home. I thought they would be worn out and some of the things we were doing would be better just the two of us.  

The next clue would lead us to a car dealership. His aunt also gives him a lottery ticket just in case he finds something he wants!

P.S.  Its fun when your brother gets stuck in a toilet!

He had no idea what car dealership I was taking him to. He tried to guess the person meeting us, but he was surprised to see his step mom at the Porsche dealership in Cool Springs. We test drove a 911 carrera porsche. The dealer knew my husband was about to deploy, so that helps.  ;-)

The next clue led us to a guitar store in 100 Oaks. He had no idea who would meet us here.

A co worker and good friend was there playing a set on some drums. It was awesome!

His friend gave him a Crossfit Nashville t-shirt since they had that in common. They love to work out!

Clue # 6 led us to the Nashville Armory. I am so excited at this point, because he still had no idea who would meet us there.  He thought he would be going to the golf range since he had to pack his clubs, but he was tricked.  This guy is one of his oldest friends going back to middle school and he is a major in the army so he definitely had guns.  

This was a blast!  I took one picture of this and decided that it probably wasn't a good idea to have a flash going off.   I even shot a couple rounds. I did ok the first time. But all bets were off after that.  Must be that I wasn't wearing my glasses..... HA!   Of course my husband did great!  Lots of training.

Clue #7 Was our halarious friend from his work that always will make you laugh. I asked him to dress up and lumberjack  is what he chose. Of course when he was asking around work as to what every one else dressing up as, he was a little disappointed to be the only one. I only asked him, cause he is  the only rockstar who would do it.  ;-)

Such creativity!  I love it!

Clue #8 was to go to dinner with some dear friends. He did finally guess these guys. But that is because   he kept asking all day when we would see them. We have been friends with them as a couple for 20years! I love hanging out with them because they love each other, they are respectful to each other, there is no drama, they are positive, they will always have our backs, and we love them!

Time for a quick change ~  I know what you are thinking ~ He is gorgeous!
And he is all mine  ;-)

This last clue was to bring us home. The kids had a surprise for him...

Since he was turning 39, we had 39 balloons with 39 things we love about him. The kids were great at helping with what they love. It was easy for me to come up with all the other things.  The balloons were from a small helium tank and the notes eventually weighed them down, but the sentiment was there.

One by one, he was able to read what we love about him.  :-)

My husband said it was the best birthday ever!  It took a lot of planning and some fabulous people to help, but it was a lot of fun. In the past we have spent time with our friends in a party setting. What my husband enjoyed most was getting to see everyone and spend time with them one on one.  My husband is well loved and will be missed more than he knows this year.  I pray that God will protect him and bring safely back to us soon.

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