Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Exquisitely Inexpensive!

 When your pockets are deep, you can create a beautiful space effortlessly.  But, everyone deserves a place they can call home and feel comfortable and warm in.  This project was a challenge and once I knew what style and color palette this person liked, I was given free reign to find what ever diamonds in the rough I could.  The room was a white institutional box when we started.  So, first we painted the walls a bold blue.  We added the rug to bring the color through and anchor the seating.

The only two items that were in this room before we started were the tv and sofa.  The sofa is navy blue, hunter green, and maroon.  In order to soften her color palette, we slipcovered the sofa and made pillows from silk remnants and feather  inserts.

The middle pillow is green and blue striped and the outer pillows are a blue damask on one side and green silk pattern on the other. Both are shown here.

 I found this bookcase at a yard sale for $2! Yes, it is a waterbed headboard. But I had a vision of what it could become.

First I added legs, painted and distressed it lightly. Covered the mirror with fabric and you get an
adorable bookcase!

Found these items at a local thrift store on a half price day. The media cabinet still has a working record player/radio. After painting and distressing it, I made sure to cover the side panels with a fabric that will let sound travel through.

The cocktail table was $30 off craigslist. It is hard wood, made well, but had some scratches. Not a problem since we were going for creamy whites.

One of the things my client needed was a place to land.  On her entry wall I made a bulletin board by using a frame from a print in which the glass broke.  Found the bulletin at a thrift store and cut it to fit the back.  Lastly, I fastened it in to secure it.

Now she a place to hang a calendar, post important memos, etc. In addition to that the pear has a pocket  for incoming or out going mail. 

The lamps were a yard sale find for 25 cents each.  The electrical worked when I got them.  All I did to fix was re-align the tread, spray them with an oil rubbed bronze finish, and add new shades. 

One thing that I love to do is see what people treasure.  Among the pictures and other mementos, she had her grandchildren's artwork.  I wanted to showcase some of these for her.  I took thrift store frames and painted them.  They were the perfect size and she can interchange the pictures.   I love it so much, I will look through my kids work and see what we should frame.

Helping people find beauty in ordinary things and making their spaces reflect who they are, is why I love what I do!

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