Thursday, November 22, 2012

Color your Christmas!

After finishing my third Thanksgiving dinner tonight, I certainly have a lot to be thankful for. God has so richly blessed my life. I am so thankful for family, friends, and life! I don't want to take any of it for granted.  Tomorrow is the beginning of a very busy season not just for finding that perfect gift, but for christmas decor! My house will be done tomorrow, but then I have several clients that I do their homes for Christmas.

How will you color your Christmas?

Purely Traditional
Better Homes and Gardens

Have you given any thought to your Christmas color scheme? To some, their decorations are sentimental, rooted in tradition, and timeless.  The above is a purely traditional using several shades of green, fire engine red, white, and cream.

Tidings of Color and Joy


House to Home

If you take a look around your home, what colors have found their way into your life. Its true that fashion and interiors follow each other. Do you have bright colors on your pillows or in your closet? You might want to try this bold color pop.

Rustic Prarie

Southern Living

Rustic takes the very best that nature has to offer. Green and browns work well together. Think about the pioneer days when most things were hand made.  The textures in burlap, ricrac, and hammered metal all have a part to play in this color scheme.

Citrus Water

Home for Christmas

When you pair opposites on the color scale together they can make for a harmonious blend. I love the citrus oranges and golds washed with the cool blues. You may not be able to get all new decorations, but pay attention to how your presents flow with your colors. When doing set design or retail vignettes,  the more you can repeat the color, the bigger the impact on the space.

Vintage Greetings
Gorgia Peachez ~ (make beautiful wreaths)

Southern Living

Southern Living

For a vintage flair try mixing some of the hints of the 50's, raspberry, peach, cream and teal. When you pair with white or gold, everything sparkles. 

Ivy Frost
Home For Christmas

Home for Christmas
Southern Living

This color scheme is monochromatic, delicate and soft. If you have light interiors already this can work. Different shades of green mixed with whites and silvers make this clean and sophisticated.

Royal Beauty

Jewel tones will always make for a royal setting. I love the contrast on this rustic table. Purple and gold also work real well against all the greens.



Once you decide on a color scheme, there are some simple ways to carry your design. Start with your mantle and tree. Don't forget to coordinate your wrapping.  More of this to come...

What will you color your Christmas?

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