Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Grow with it

I have been blessed to be working with some clients for a long time.   Some of them I have helped in multiple houses, and some we have worked on the same room more than once.   I thought I'd share with you this week's installation.   I have done this room before when she was only 8, but now since she is about to turn 14, it is time for the room to reflect who she is blooming to be.   Below are the before pictures.   I had my Artist/Muralist, Heather Spriggs Thompson from "Gatherings Magazine" do the murals for all the kids in this home.   This girl loved them very much.

While the memories were fond, it was time to grow into a new phase.   Having your space reflect who you are while allowing some room to grow is key in my opinion.
Our color inspiration came from citrus and berry tones.  We primed and painted the walls Delicious Melon, by Sherwin Williams.  Wanting to warm to the room, this gave us the glow that we were looking for.
Next we moved to the bed.  For a growing teenager, a single bed was too small, so we went to a Queen size.   I found the wooden  headboard at a thrift store  (along with some other gems).   It started out a medium wood tone.  It got primed, painted, and distressed.    Next, I added a "C" to personalize and make it different.   It is vinyl lettering from Uppercase Living.   If  she outgrows it or mom uses bed for another room, she can simply peel the letter off.

When I work with kids, I make sure I talk with them and find out what is important.  She studies at the kitchen table and or curled up on the bed,  so we didn't need a desk.  But a vanity was high on her list. I found the vanity already refinished  and the stool which I recovered ~ on craigslist.
(Excuse our mess in this shot as we were still organizing)

After we got the bedding which was chosen in a deep eggplant/ purple, we were able to layer the bed with pillows to give it that pop of color.  Pillows are great accessories that can change the personality of a room drastically.
I found the night stand at an estate sale and painted it a leafy green. On the top I painted a chevron pattern a shade darker and high gloss finish.. Topped it off with a polyurethane coat to protect it from water damage.
My other thrift store gems got a face lift as well.  The mirror got spray painted a raspberry pink.   The horse art got pitched and I cut corkboard to fit in its place.  The frame also got an upgrade to a bright purple.  I stenciled her name on the cork board to make it uniquely hers.

While we wanted pops of color, I felt the room didn't need to be too loud, so we softened the drapes in a warm gray and white.   This mirrored the vanity and warm gray stool on the other side of the room pulling the space together.
This room is colorful, balanced, and sophisticated. It matches the girl living here. I adore her and her new room!

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