Monday, January 13, 2014

Shopping New York

There are few places that are as fun to shop for furniture like New York.  Design markets in Atlanta and Highpoint are nice, but New York beats them all! And if you can go during Christmas, you get to see all the Holiday displays and storefronts.  My hubby and I enjoyed a couple days by ourselves in one of our favorite cities.

Here are the highlights from the furniture showrooms...

This lucite table had a purple wood grain. Kind of comical, but pretty.

Who needs to exercise on the floor when you can have your medicine ball at the bar!

ABC rugs are gorgeous.

I love the various purple shades and tribal patterns.

Regal and timeless ~ SOLD!

It takes awhile to soak in such beauty.

Metal link tables have such great texture.

My favorite showroom was Timothy Oulton.  It is a British company that has a very masculine appeal. But in the cold of winter, felt cozy and warm.  They even offered me some tea. 

One of my favorite pieces was this coke bottle light fixture. What a creative take on up-cycling.
(thinking of making one...)

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