Monday, May 19, 2014

DIY Chevron Necklace

Chevron is one of the hottest patterns out there right now in both Interiors and Fashion. Everywhere you look people are painting in on the walls and wearing it on entire outfits. I love different ways to look at trends. Today I made this chevron inspired necklace. Here is what I did...

First, I gathered  discontinued leather samples from my resource room. However, most furniture or fabric  stores will have them if you ask.

 I made a trip to Michaels to get necklace chain and loops.

I have my trusty fabric scissors and I bought jewelry clampers. They will help you do the job the best.

Using a scratch paper, I just made a pattern of what I wanted, making sure I liked the size and complete pattern.

Using one of the cutouts, I traced the back of the leather and made my cuts.

Then I marked the back to line up my loops and poked the holes with a different pair of fabric scissors. You can use anything that is sharp enough to penetrate through the leather.

Once the loops are through the leather, you use the clamps to squeeze it tightly closed.

Add the chain and your done!  (Then get your 5 year old to take the picture, and chop off your head since your hair is crazy! )   Enjoy the texture and pattern you can add to any outfit.  :-)

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