Thursday, February 19, 2015

Irish Inspiration

 While I know Valentine's Day just ended, St. Patrick's Day is right around the corner
 and I am always ready move things around. 
Here are some quick ideas for bringing the Irish in.

For my mantle I draped  a shamrock garland using Command strips 
cut into small squares. On the left side is a "Tis a blessing to be Irish" sign. 
Those are items you can find most anywhere like at Pier 1, Target, or Home Goods.
Don't just scour the stores, see what you have lying around  the house in various green shades.
Hint: Look at some of your Christmas Decorations.

On the right side I  went on line to and found our family crest. Then I  gave it a simple frame.  If I wasn't Irish, another way would be to put up a small painting or sketch of Ireland. Even involving your kids to make art to display. (I will show that idea soon) 
 The green R for our last name(or in my case ~its all my initials) was in my office. 
To finish it off,  I added a flameless candle. I like using odd numbers and varying the heights of whatever objects I am grouping together.

Poinsettias aren't just a Christmas flower, but a winter flower. A lime green bunch gives a table the festive punch.

Add pops of gold accents. Since the golds and copper tones are real big right now, 
this won't be hard to find.  I painted this clear vase Gold at the bottom.
 I just tapped it off in an irregular pattern to make it look dipped. 
Then just used craft paint. For a fun detail, I tossed some gold coins
 in the bottom of the vase. 

What ideas do you have for bringing in this Holiday? I'd love to hear from you.

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