Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Stenciled Pillow using Cricut

Typography and Word Art  really are big right now. 
Almost every Home Decor shop has artwork and pillows 
to say just about anything to create a mood or show your 

I wanted to create my own screen printed pillow.
(but not really screen printed)
If you have a cricut machine, I am sure you love it as 
much as I do! It is basically a cutting machine programed
to cut the shapes of what you want.

In this case, I was going to print word stencils.

First you need a blank canvas. I purchased this plain burlap pillow from Kirklands. 
I like the knotted banding around the edge. But you could use any solid pillow.

Using a measuring tape, decide how big you want your words to appear.

Then measuring it on the cricut mat to make sure you are cutting out the right size.

While you can purchase stencils or even print lettering from your computer, 
there are so many other things that this cricut can do. 
Punch out the letters carefully so you won't rip your stencil.

Place the letters on the stencil to make sure you like your design.
Then use the stencil to either paint or marker in your lettering.

I wanted a faded look. So I used markers.
I love my Tria markers and their quality. Here I have one black marker
and its refill ink. (as you will need it!)

Sometimes people leave the stencil on while they color it in. 
But I like to see what I'm doing and prevent bleed through.
Start at the edges and work your way inwards.

Once I colored in my words, I sprayed the pillow 
with a fabric protector so seal it in.
The brand I use is called "Fabricoate" and you can
find it at any major furniture or fabric store.
(Scotch-guard will wipe off)

So, what do you think?  While I'm no Rick Ross,
My mom says that I am always in a hurry...
so it fits. I love her.

Let me know ~what would you put on your pillow?