Friday, March 6, 2015

Spring Forward ~ Into Color

The other day my youngest asked me, "Mom, when is Spring going to be here?"
 The next day it snowed 3" and we have two snow days off of school again. 
My kids are not upset with that. We enjoy playing in the snow, hot chocolate, 
and hanging out as a family. But, this is the weekend of Springing Forward
 and I don't know about you, but I am ready for warmer weather!

This past week I met with my fabric rep at Robert Allen as she revealed the new spring line. 
I thought I would show you all the new color palettes and then how I would use them.

Calypso Blue Collection
1. Endless Paths  2. Merlot Way 3. Wavey Goodbye  
 4. Silky Scrub-Parrot Blue   5. Bear Canyon

Coral Reef Collection
1. Aztec Flowers 2. Strie Velvet  3. Sunset Blvd.  4. Seacrest Shore 
5. Aimee Stripe  6. Nesting Zigzag

Spring Green Collection
1. Wild Oasis 2. Sweet Nothings  3. Many Diamonds  4. Strie Ikat 
 5. Belle Bloom 6. Classic Ombre

Sun Ray Collection
1.Northview 2. Little Brooke 3.Boxed Squares (Solid Herringbone) 
4.Fullerton 5. Rotary Way 6. Tiny Trinket-lemon 
7.Happy Beauty 8. Diamond Braid-Zest

Water Collection
1. Breath it in 2.Dream Chenille- Navy Blazer 3. Blossom Drops
 4.World Tour 5. Srie Velvet-Robins Egg

These are just some of my favorites from each collection.
 I am thrilled to see these beautiful color palettes this year. 

Now how do we put these colors into action?

Color makes an impact. It gives the room a certain feeling and personality. 
While I love the Sun Ray tones, it may be overwhelming
 to some to have this much of it.

One way to perfect the color balance in your home, is to start with complimentary 
neutrals and work pops of color into your space a layer at a time. 

Below are two color combinations that I put together for you using the 
new Spring Line from Robert Allen.

Hope you enjoyed a little Spring Inspiration. 
Winter is almost gone. Happy Spring Forward weekend!

Let me know what you think.
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  1. Such pretty fabrics! Happy almost Spring! xo

  2. Thanks Erin! I am excited to start working with these new fabrics