Monday, May 11, 2015

How to Buy Art

Anytime your redoing your home or getting into a new one,
you will have to consider the artwork in your space.

ART will change the overall feel of your room. I'm gonna give you
 5 Interior Designer tips to consider before you shop.

1. What is your budget?
 Allow 20-30% of rooms allotted total money to spend. A home can 
seem really empty without the proper amount of art.

2. Do you want original artwork or remade prints?
This is preference. You can start with prints and always work
 your way towards original art as you go.

3. How do you feel about photography, mirrors, and other items
mixed in? 
Photography and mirrors can help balance out your space.
Make sure to take pictures of your room with you to shop. This way
you can refer back to exactly what you need in the room.

4. What is the desired size of the piece your looking for?
You don't have to cover the entire wall, but think about
 bigger pieces for larger areas or collage groupings.

5. What style of artwork do you want for this room?
The art in your home says a lot about who you are and your
personality. Think about the type of look you want. It might change
per room, but try to get a sense for your overall look.

Now you are ready to shop! But where do you go?

Remade Prints and Framed art:
(These are the places I go if I am working on a model home,
 staging to sell, or if the client has a lower budget for accessories.)

* Home Goods/ TJMaxx
*Pier 1
*Old Time Pottery

Furniture stores have great Artwork too...
*Z Gallerie
* Pottery Barn
*Restoration Hardware
*West Elm

Places to find original Art:
*Local Art Galleries
*Ebay! There are artists that will sell original pieces unframed.
*Art Crawl in Franklin, TN. Held the first Friday of the month in Historic downtown Franklin.
*College Art shows. If the school has an art department, find out when they have sales. 
I have found some great pieces this way!
*Contract an artist to make a custom piece. 
My favorite artist and friend, Heather Spriggs Thompson 
has done contract pieces for some of my clients. 
This is the best way to customize art just for you!

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