Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Painted Lady

This chest is a beloved treasure to someone I love. They gave it to me to give it new life.  I love everything about the Art Nouveau time period.  They still used solid. strong wood, and the construction was strong.  But what I really love is the whimsical, flowing lines in the details.  It reminds me of the butterflies I love so much. (painted ladies)

Well, after a quick sanding, I painted the whole piece a teal blue.  Then I added a top coat of posh red. Finally, I sanded lightly the areas I wanted to pop.  With a little glazing to highlight all the curves, it has come alive!

I encourage you to find furniture in your home that could use a splash of color.  You can even paint laminate if you use the right primer.  You don't have to paint everything, just find one thing and make it into a work of art.  The great thing about distressing, is if you do too much and don't like it, you can paint over it.

I love my painted lady!

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