Monday, August 20, 2012

Kitchen Refreshed

The one place in your home that will sing all the way to the bank is the kitchen.  It usually costs a pretty penny to get all the casework, flooring, tile, countertop, appliances, etc into one little budget.  But if done correctly, it will also give you a good investment when and if you sell your house.   Most kitchens being the hub of the home have to not only look pretty, but function for everyone that uses it.  This kitchen was built in the 80's and at a first glance was not too bad.   But my client knew that it needed a little upgrade before she sold it.
The first sin if you will, was the header above the cabinets. It served no structural purpose and was not hiding any HVAC or plumbing. Since it felt as though the kitchen had heavy eyebrows, it was clear that it needed to go. 

Not only did we take out the header, but we added cabinets and extended them to the ceiling. Lighting played a big part to brighten the room up. We added can lighting above and pendants at the bar. I had my carpenter make a custom surround for the fridge and reface the cabinets. To really clean things up, the hinges are now hidden. The appliances and flooring were in decent shape so we just replaced the countertop to a black granite and updated the sink and faucet to an aged bronze.

Stove Elevation

Fridge Elevation

Sink Elevation

How Refreshing!

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  1. I WANT THIS KITCHEN!!!! Rebecca, I love it! Highlights for me, 1. The wine rack on top of the fridge, 2. the tulip lights, and 3. the glass cabinet doors. Awesome job sister!