Monday, January 21, 2013

I Heart Decor!

For some it seems that we are jumping from one Holiday to the next and we get to January and BAM!  We hit a wall and have a need to clean and organize.  But January can also be hard.   We clean up all the Christmas decorations and our homes feel a little bare.   One way to kick the winter blues is to decorate for the next Holiday.   In our house when Christmas goes down, Valentines goes up.   The best time to get  Valentines decorations are "after" sales.   But you can always make things that will personalize it for you.   This year I decided to make heart wreaths for the front doors.

I bought:
2 yards of red felt ( you only need about 1-1/2)
styrofoam hearts
straight pins

Then you need a 3"-5" cup for your template and a pen and good scissors.

Once you trace your template, cut out the circles. Fold the circle in half and then fold it in half again. Use the straight pin to attach it to the wreath. Work around the wreath until it is all filled in. This is quite time consuming, so I suggest do it while watching a good movie.

One tip: If you spray paint the wreath red first, it will be easier to cover. Attach a ribbon to the top and hang it!

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