Sunday, May 19, 2013

Window Watch

We all have windows that need to be treated. And while the typical window converings can add warmth and depth to the room, some windows need something different. Some windows call for a unique solution. These are some great ideas from some of my Trade sources.

Faux Iron Solutions

This metal piece against a frosted window makes the window into a piece of art.

Decorative Films, LLC

Frosting a window is a great way to have privacy while still allowing the light to come through. When I purchased the doors below for my house, I wanted to have the privacy without taking away from the beauty of the mahogany doors.  Decorative films have improved over the years and can look just like a seeded glass at just a fraction of the cost.

My doors

Skyco Shading Systems Inc.

One way to keep an unobstructed view from inside your home looking out is a motorized exterior shade. This would be a great idea for a back patio that gets a lot of afternoon sun. It would keep the interior free and clear, while still shading your home when needed.

Daisycake Co.

These are unique chain wallcoverings. They promise to shimmer and glow when washed with light. Not your average covering, it promises to make a statement.

Perry Design and Manufacturing

Roman shades are a traditional solution for windows.  But it is rare to see it offered for such a big and uniquely shaped window. This company offers them in a motorized shade.

Glassfilm Enterprises Inc.

Moveable partitions and dividers are among the walls that need to be treated. Not every wall needs to have total privacy, but a visual break in the space. This would allow you to designate the space without it feeling heavy. Not just used in a commercial design. This can divide a big bonus room or basement.

I always enjoy seeing the new things that are coming from market. I will share more soon!

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