Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Trunk makeover

 My life is a constant state of treasure hunting. There is such a thrill out of making a piece over. This trunk was found at a local thrift store for $7. It was covered in a stained off white fabric. The inside was  adorned with contact paper and had seen some water damage.

I ripped everything off!  Then I sprayed a protect-ant over the water stained areas.  Followed up with a sealing spray paint for the inside.  My idea for the outside was to cover the entire trunk in rope.  It was time consuming, but I knew the end result would be great!  I love the texture it added to my space.

The hareware was an easy fix. Mineral spirits got stains and dirt off. Once the trunk was covered in rope, the hardware just need longer screws to attach.

Besides fitting well under this console table, it holds all my boys cars.
I love when toys can be accessible without taking over the room.

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