Monday, April 6, 2015

I wanna go to art camp

Spring is the best time of year to clean, organize and plan.  Even planning for the ever approaching summer ahead. In our house we plan trips, VBS, and any other summer camps before they get booked up.

Today I wanna highlight one of my favorite camps. The Art Express is an art school that goes into local schools and holds various art camps throughout the year. My youngest son has gone to several of their camp sessions. It is always new and exciting! 

What kids take away from this is more than just doing a craft or picking up a paint brush.  At the Art Express camp there is a strong approach to art appreciation. They focus on a different artist each week. Your kids will walk away with a true love for all the things they learned and are so proud of what they created.

At every turn there is interactive learning.

Always fun ways to show how art tells a story.

So many different ways to create their own works of art.

This is my son doing a splatter art piece. He has it hung in his room.
The founder, Jessi Cherrico teaches kids that everyone can
unlock their artistic side.

Kids learn art through games...


Group participation...

Kids learn through playing!

They get messy! And LOVE it!!

They learn ~imagine ~ and Create.

I love this piece! I have it hung in my studio.

This is from the "Creative Christmas" camp this past December. He had fun hitting the yule log!

The Art Express Camp has the best approach to teaching kids art!  If you can get a spot in one of their summer weeks, you will be blessed! Since they do a different artist every time, you will always take away something new.

But for now, I will live through my son. 

For more information click the link below to sign up for summer camp or a mini camp they do throughout the year.

Let me know what you think of this Awesome Art camp in the comments below.
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